Communicating with Facebook Page

Carlos is in a panic! The Woodside Hotel Web Site is broken, or at least, dysfunctional in some Facebook way.

I don’t hear from Carlos very often and it is inevitably because there is an issue with the web site. And last night was no exception. I had a call on my mobile yesterday evening reporting on the latest Woodside publishing problem.

Facebook communication error

The problem, as it has been described, is that updates Carlos has been making to the Woodside Hotel WordPress site are not being communicated to the Facebook page.

This post has been created, solely, to test this communication problem. The Facebook page is only updated when NEW posts are published, not when existing posts are updated.

I don’t think that existing posts get updated very often, if ever. I suspect that the most likely cause of the problem is user-error.

However, I have applied all currently pending updates to the WordPress site and if this has resolved the problem then we may never know what the specific problem has been.

In some ways, I hope the problem has gone away. And this post is published without any problems and the Facebook page is updated.

However, if it works and the problem looks like a user associated issue, then I will need to schedule some time for a WordPress refresher course with Carlos.

The only snag with that scenario is that I will need to perform a WordPress refresher course for myself.

Facebook problem
Pensive Chimp

If this little snag can be ironed out, all well and good. Just so long as it ias not, or has not been a WordPress problem which might leave me looking like a right chump (or chimp).

Nobody is going to make a monkey out of me. I am quite capable of doing that all by myself.

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